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With over 100 clients nationwide, MedPro is the industry leader in patient management solutions for Mental Health and Substance Abuse practices and facilities.

Our clients have the peace of mind when it comes to their account status. Clients can view reports and analytics through our new MedPro Business Intelligence Tools.


This integrated platform includes the following benefits:

  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities that are both automated and uniquely customized to provide transparency on key performance trends.
  • Workflow and productivity enhancements to ensure that claims are timely and accurately processed
  • Real-time reporting and new Quality Assurance process which cross-validates against billing rules and billed claims to trap errors quickly.
  • New internal and external controls to streamline the month closing procedures and deposit reconciliation process.
  • Allow clients to have a deeper insight on the financial Health of their facility.
  • Optimization of cash flow and profitability.



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What to Bill On – The Showdown of UB04 VS CMS1500

ub04 vs cms1500 FORMS

What to Bill On – The Showdown of UB04 VS CMS1500


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