Benefit Verifications & Eligibility

With our team of knowledgeable benefit verification specialists, you can be confident that you will receive the most comprehensive and accurate benefit and eligibility information. All verifications:

What’s more, our sophisticated software network and skilled team enable us to deliver an in-depth eligibility analysis, giving your company the competitive advantage.


Utilization Review

Our licensed and experienced clinical staff can help maximize your patients’ benefits by obtaining longer stays at the highest levels of care. With our knowledge and relationships with the various managed care companies we are able to provide you with the medical criteria needed to ensure accurate evaluation of your client based

Our utilization review team also examines all aspects of your facility including your mission statement, daily schedule, protocols and program, and will even assist you in the implementation of the required clinical forms and processes.


Billing & Collections

Our follow-up on claims is what truly separates MedPro from the competition. MedPro’s expert staff and cutting-edge medical software enable us to deliver the most efficient processing, management, and collection of your accounts. Our services include:

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your company’s goals


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What to Bill On – The Showdown of UB04 VS CMS1500

ub04 vs cms1500 FORMS

What to Bill On – The Showdown of UB04 VS CMS1500


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MedPro Gives Back

Medpro gives back to various organizations in the community and we are proud to be part of these wonderful causes.

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